A great place to drink wine

I prefer wine.

When I turned the right age I hunted around trying to find the drink that was for me.

I think beer tastes just like pee, and vodka, gin, whiskey, all of those hard liquors are just gross to me. I can’t drink them plain and I don’t prefer the plan of a sugary mixer with it. Wine just really stood out to me over the rest. I started getting into wine and where it was made. I started hunting for good years for certain wines. I now go to wine tasting events in my home state of NM all the time. I prefer trying current wines and from local farmers. Once a month I make it a fun little night out for myself. One place I prefer to go to is the slate street cafe. It is a more classy night out when I do my wine tasting. There is a separate wine place where you can order food to pair with the unusual wines you are trying. The food and ambience really is just fun. When a wine tasting is happening at the cafe I am booking my ticket. I usually drag a buddy with me and we have a great time. It really gives you everything you could possibly want in an evening out. You get food, wine, a fantastic atmosphere and conversation. I prefer talking with the workers at the cafe, the people selling the wine and other tasters. Both of us wine people have our own little vibe and are protective over it. Even if you didn’t enjoy wine, the slate street cafe has something for everyone.


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It was a cultural date

I am living in Albuquerque and there are things to do here.

One thing that a lot of people recommend doing is going to the Indian Pueblo cultural center.

I hadn’t done that until a date took me to it recently. I found it kind of weird that my date would want to learn about the cultures and traditions of NM’s pueblos. There were even exhibits to learn about the Native culture. I wasn’t really all that excited to go and I am not a history buff at all, even though I live in NM, my expertise was quite lacking, but surprisingly the date was a lot of fun. I didn’t realize that the outdoor amphitheater also has dance events. They are people dressed in traditional pieces and they do a lot of cool dances. On the weekends, apparently live music is playing and it is a fun time that can Spring into a good night out. That is what my date and I did. Both of us watched some dancers, listened to tunes and then walked downtown. After lunch my date even proposed popping into one of the marijuana dispensaries. I found it kind of neat that he mentioned cannabis over getting a whiskey. I really prefer to smoke over drink anyway. It was a nice end to the afternoon. Watching and listening to the tunes was really fun but quite peaceful. Smoking a bit of cannabis oil just added to my already zen state of mind. It was a really fantastic first date. I am going to see that guy again.

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I love the rooftop bar the best

I travel a lot for work and my spouse Ed comes with me, but he has a task that is totally online based. It isn’t a concern to pack up an iPad and work in a hotel room. I just make sure to get a big hotel with a desk. I also try to get a nicer location in a bustling district. That way if Ed finishes work, he has something else to do, but recently my task took myself and Ed to NM, especially Albuquerque. I started looking around at hotels and found a boutique hotel with a 1930s flair. It has a prohibition theme and the old time drinks. The best is the rooftop bar and lounge though, and you can go up super high and drink while overlooking the city. At night the lights along the bar really give off an excellent view. I knew that every night Ed would want to have a drink on the rooftop and enjoy the night air while overlooking the city. The actual hotel room was seriously neat with the aged time theme and the beds were quite luxurious. It also was in a good location to a lot of unique eating establishments, bars and cannabis dispensaries. Ed and I aren’t big smokers but it was nice having the option. Our state doesn’t have cannabis shops on every corner… Being near one made it easy to just have a pot brownie at the end of the afternoon to wind down. Both of us really loved going to see that location. It proved to be really relaxing but also fun.


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We might go there for a honeymoon

My fiance Ryan and I are looking for a honeymoon place, but with COVID still being a pain in the butt it makes things tough.

  • At first we wanted to go to Ireland and spend two weeks hiking, biking and seeing the falls.

With that space of the world shut down we looked around at Europe. The travel bans are so hardcore that it doesn’t look possible for us! Now I am looking for something within the US that would work as a honeymoon place. I haven’t done a lot of regional traveling, so I am not sure of all the different states and what they have to offer. I did find that Albuquerque, NM has quite a lot to offer. I found a lot of different resorts that have spas and rooms that look over wide, pretty landscapes. I prefer the plan of getting a facial on our honeymoon and just looking at the beautiful land around us. There is also a location called Old Town that seems to have a lot of bars, shops and other things to do, then of course there are the proper history museums, bars and nightlife. Another thing that really is drawing myself and Ryan towards NM is that there are legal cannabis dispensaries there. I suppose it might be fun to try some edibles or smoke cannabis oil on our honeymoon. Ryan and I have never smoked before because our state is so strict. It could be a fun, unique thing that we do on our honeymoon. A little weed and kicking back sounds just like the perfect recipe for romance.

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My partner and I finally got married last weekend

My new husband Mike and I dated for more than one years before I finally advised .

The more than one of us decided to wed at the famous Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco.

The Conservatory of Flowers first opened in the late 1880s. It is 1 of the oldest buildings situated in Golden Gate Park. It is definitely 1 of the major landmarks in all of the San Francisco Bay Area. Everyone living near the bay area has visited the conservatory at least once. Inside the conservatory are more than two thousand strange species of tropical and aquatic plants. Some of them are scarce and they have a few very special exhibits love a miniature railroad and a butterfly zone. The Conservatory of Flowers has a truly charming display of aquatic plants. There are hundreds of strange species of aquatic plants. Mike has been studying marine biology and aquatic plants for the past 10 years. I thought that the Conservatory of Flowers was the perfect location to get married. I mentioned the Golden Gate Park endpoint to Mike when both of us were waiting outside of the cannabis dispensary. Mike and I went to the cannabis dispensary close to our apartment in San Francisco. Mike thought I was joking, although I told his that I was serious. When Mike heard the idea, he was particularly excited, however before Mike and I left the cannabis dispensary Mike called and texted a bunch of his friends and family to provide them the sizable news. The two of us propose to get married next May as long as the Conservatory has an open session for the more than one of us.
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