Author: Josie

Sporting event and ac

My siblings and I have been fans of the CO Rapids since the team was established in the 90s. The CO Rapids are a professional soccer team located in Denver. I remember when there were no professional soccer teams in the country plus now there is an entire professional League. I grew up in Denver […]

I need a good heater at least

I don’t appreciate the frigid weather in Denver, CO, but I still decided to take a job in the mile high city. I had a couple of options to choose from, but Denver seemed like the most interesting city. I know the temperature in the Winter time months would be frigid plus cold, so I […]

Finally going back to Colorado

When I was in the navy, I met my spouse. She was also in the navy and every one of us were stationed at the same camp for 2 years. I did not plan on starting a relationship with someone else in the armed services, but Maggie was genuinely kind and sweet plus it was […]

The weather in Denver

The Winter time climate in Denver requires an efficient heating device, especially if you live in the mountainous regions. So Denver, CO is known as the mile high village because it sits at one mile above sea level; The air is not too thick and it can be hard to breathe when its; genuinely frigid […]

I choose CO as the new place

The coldest month in Denver, CO is entirely the month of the holidays. The average temperatures are around 15 degrees at night. The village has more afternoons that are filled with sun and then clouds, plus this is due to the climate plus low humidity‚Ķ Winters are commonly freezing and begin sometime in the month […]