My first hockey game was at the First Niagara Centre.

I thought the hockey game was going to be outside, and he frowned.

I’ve had a lot of firsts with my grandpa. My first NFL football game was at the Ralph Wilson Stadium, and now I am going to my first hockey game. I never realized Grandpa was such a spirited sports fan until I went to stay with him and Grandma. They sent Mom overseas, and she left me with Grandma and Grandpa. Thanks to Grandpa, I was learning to love sports and having a great time. He didn’t give me time to feel sorry for myself, not having Mom home with me. When he said he had season tickets at the First Niagara Centre, I saw Grandma roll her eyes and take a deep breath. I bit my lips to keep from laughing. I remembered Mom doing the same thing when Dad talked about going to baseball games. Mom always thought it was just another way to get away from the kids, but Grandpa thought it was a great way to get me interested in something other than computers. He told me the First Niagara Centre was the home of the National Hockey League’s Buffalo Sabres. I had never heard of the Buffalo Sabres, but I was about to learn. He told me to get a heavy sweatshirt. I thought the hockey game was going to be outside, and he frowned. He told me no one played real hockey outside in the summer. We were going to an ice skating rink where you could see real hockey being played. I donned my sweatshirt, knowing that even though it was sixty outside, the First Niagara Centre was going to be frigid from all the air conditioning needed to keep the ice from melting. Even the ice skating rink needs air conditioning in the summer.

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