Nobody wanted that guy’s honest opinion

I hate one somebody gives me an opinion that I did not request.

My neighbor gave me his opinion last week and I didn’t ask for it and I didn’t want it.

The guy thinks he knows everything under the sun. He has a story for everything. He’s either done it or knows somebody that did it. He’s either better at it or knows someone who’s better at it. He can either fix it, or he knows someone that fixes it. This was the case with my air conditioner. I called a provider in Cocoa, Florida when there was an issue with the AC in my beach house. As soon as the Cocoa, Florida provider arrived, my neighbor came over to the house to be nosey. He immediately wanted to know why I called the repair service. I tried to give the guy as little information as possible. I honestly wanted him to go away, but I was trying to be as courteous as possible. The guys started telling me about a service provider in Melbourne that could do a better job and perform the work for a cheaper price. I honestly wasn’t in the mood to hear this guy’s opinion. I was already frustrated by the lack of central AC on a hot and humid day and this guy’s bragging wasn’t going to help me at all. I finally told the guy to go home unless he was going to help me fix the AC with his own two hands. I know he got the drift when I said that, because he looked like I hurt his feelings and he started walking away.

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I can't afford to fix the AC this time

I’m pretty bummed out, because I can’t afford to fix my AC right now.

I’ve had multiple problems with the AC unit during the past four years.

I feel like everything was fine until the warranty was up. Since then, it has been one problem after another. I’ve dealt with mechanical and electrical issues. I’ve run out of freon. Now I’m being told that the AC unit cannot be repaired unless I spend $1,200. I can’t afford to spend that money with the holidays right around the corner. Both of the kids have birthdays in August and I want them to have a party. I would like to have the party somewhere near the beach in Clearwater. Clearwater has some of the prettiest beaches and there’s a couple of places that host kids birthday parties. One of them does a treasure hunt on the beach and that would be perfect for my boys. If I spend $1,200 on the AC repairs, I won’t be able to give them the party of their dreams. I’m going to try to get a service to pay the bill, but I’m not sure if they will cover a large repair that is more than $1,000. Last time I had an issue with the AC, I called the Tampa Bay service and they issued a check directly to the repair service for the $340 and fees that were due to the company. They told me to call if I ever needed help again, but $1,000 is a lot different than 300 and I feel very greedy asking for help again.



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The picnic wasn't going to be much fun

The last time I spent time with my wife and her family, everyone got into an argument. I did not want to return to another family get-together, but my girlfriend insisted that I had to go. The event was a wedding for her close cousin named Sarah. Sarah was getting married in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and my girlfriend wanted me to be there for the whole week of ceremonies. I agreed to take the week off work. My boss wasn’t very happy with my decision, but I had vacation time and there was really no reason for him to say no or get upset. Because I was concerned about the interactions between everyone, my girlfriend agreed to stop at a recreational marijuana dispensary before we arrived at our destination. We passed several dispensaries on our way to Albuquerque, but we saw a lot of advertisements as well. There were advertisements for a lot of different marijuana delivery services in Albuquerque. One of these companies had a billboard on the interstate and it advertised half price products for all new patients. I told my girlfriend that was the place I wanted to go, after checking out the online menu. They had a huge selection of cannabis concentrate and a lot of fruity infused pre-roll that looks good. I thought that place was perfect for picking up all of the Cannabis supplies that I wanted for our week in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The wedding turned out to be a huge success, even if the rehearsal dinner was a mess. The girl didn’t even show up until the rehearsal dinner was half over and my girlfriend’s cousin looked like she was going to lose her mind


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Taking a cannabis tincture on a boat cruise

My friends and I love to gathering for a women excursion every month… Living in Portland, there are regularly fun activities available to us.

Last month, the six of us booked a sunset supper cruise along the Willamette River, the trip gave amazing views of the Portland skyline and the best local landmarks, then it lasted multiple-and-a-half hours, included live rock n roll and gave a absolutely delicious meal.

It was an seriously good and great cruise! We were able to chat, sip wine and love the scenery. The boat passed under Hawthorne, Ross Island and Marquam Bridge. We got a nice look at Sellwood riverfront park, Waverley Country Club and Elk Rock Island, but depending on the excursion, our friends and I love to partake in some cannabis to enhance the experience. We usually make a stop at the downtown Portland dispensary and load up on some high THC percentage strains. While we all like smoking pre-rolls or taking fortune of the convenience of vapes, we couldn’t use any inhalation methods on the boat. We needed something more discreet. We considered edibles however didn’t want to load up our billfolds with gummies, cookies or candies that might melt, however after quite a bit of debate, we chose a tincture to share. The fortune of a tincture is the compact packaging. The tiny bottle tucks absolutely into a pocket and includes a dropper for easy dosing. All it takes is a couple of drops under the tongue to achieve quick onset of effects. There is no extra gear required, consumption creates no mess, waste, smoke, ash or stinks. Tinctures are 1 of the more discreet methods and yet give high ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes. They are available in a wide variety of flavors and strains and offer a long shelf-life.


Taking a cannabis tincture on a boat cruise

California cannabis is the best

My friends and I love to explore various parts of Los Angeles on the weekends when we’re off from work. Yesterday the people I was with and I opted to go hiking on the trail to Mount Wilson and were able to get some amazing photos in the process. Even if they’re not big behemoths, I still appreciate scaling smaller mountains because it’s an fantastic experience. I started doing this when I was raised in the upper peninsula of MI. Both of us lived close to the Porcupine Mountains which are more characteristic of the foothills of the Appalachians than any larger peaks, but that doesn’t detract from their natural beauty. This is what I stress with people when they complain about the “hills” in California opposed to “regular mountains.” You don’t need large mountain peaks to get a good view of the town below. It’s what draws me to the Santa Monica Mountains throughout the year when the weather is pleasant. My most recent visit to the area took me to Corbin Canyon Park. I made the mistake of getting so high that I felt glued to the ground walking on the natural trails. The indica strain I purchased at a nearby dispensary in Tarzana made me so fatigued while hiking that I wanted to stop and lay on the ground to take a nap. The next time I go hiking on a single of the various nature trails in the Tarzana area, I’m going to use less cannabis or find an energizing sativa strain instead of a sedating indica strain. I should have known that an indica would give me trouble, but they’re not regularly extremely sedating varieties of weed. Some indicas assume more love hybrids than anything else.


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