Nobody wanted that guy’s honest opinion

I hate one somebody gives me an opinion that I did not request.

My neighbor gave me his opinion last week and I didn’t ask for it and I didn’t want it.

The guy thinks he knows everything under the sun. He has a story for everything. He’s either done it or knows somebody that did it. He’s either better at it or knows someone who’s better at it. He can either fix it, or he knows someone that fixes it. This was the case with my air conditioner. I called a provider in Cocoa, Florida when there was an issue with the AC in my beach house. As soon as the Cocoa, Florida provider arrived, my neighbor came over to the house to be nosey. He immediately wanted to know why I called the repair service. I tried to give the guy as little information as possible. I honestly wanted him to go away, but I was trying to be as courteous as possible. The guys started telling me about a service provider in Melbourne that could do a better job and perform the work for a cheaper price. I honestly wasn’t in the mood to hear this guy’s opinion. I was already frustrated by the lack of central AC on a hot and humid day and this guy’s bragging wasn’t going to help me at all. I finally told the guy to go home unless he was going to help me fix the AC with his own two hands. I know he got the drift when I said that, because he looked like I hurt his feelings and he started walking away.

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