Adding humidity to my very dry air

For those who have long, brutal winter seasons you need to consider your air quality.

  • The longer your home is sealed up tight, the more time that same, stale air is recirculating.

They say we spend 90% of our days indoors. It is also around five times more polluted. That is a long time to be breathing in gross air. The Minneapolis, MN winter season is no joke. Basically most of our lives it is cold. Most of the time everything has to be sealed up with the heater running on high. Our air conditioner is merely decorative most of the year. All that ample amount of heat tends to try out the air. Then what do you do? Dry air quality causes chapped lips, bloody noses, irritated skin, and nasal issues. It also causes wood to split and crack. You can even experience issues with electronics. A humidifier is a cheap, easy installation that can make a huge difference for those in Minnesota. A humidifier can be installed right into the furnace or central heater to instantly introduce moisture into the air quality. What does moisture do? Well for one it makes the air feel warmer. I am able to lower my thermostat in the winter due to feeling that much more comfortable. The added moisture also is better for skin and health. You don’t get any of that horrible dry feeling anymore. The maine on a humidifier is a once a year thing done by a Minnesota heating business. So it is easy and not that big of a deal to make this upgrade.


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Sioux Falls means that I am stuck inside a lot

Living in Sioux Falls means that I run the heating equipment quite a bit.

It is cold in my area most of the year.

The heater starts up early in the morning and typically never stops pumping out hot air. The summer season is short and a bit underwhelming honestly. I hardly ever get a chance to crack the windows or open the door to let in a fresh breath of air. I like airing out the home whenever possible, it just doesn’t happen a lot. For a while I started worrying about my indoor air quality. It couldn’t be good to stay cooped up with a heater on blast all the time. I found that we spend 90% of our days inside. The inside air can be up to five times more polluted than outside. Isn’t that crazy? I decided to call my Sioux Falls HVAC company to find out about IAQ equipment. They recommended that I purchase an air purifier. The air purification plan installs directly into the ductwork and works to improve the breathing conditions. It removes dust, dirt, odors, and dander. Some devices can be up to 99% effective. The only snag is that there are monthly air filter changes and yearly maintenance requirements. It was a hefty investment, but it was for my health. I ended up taking the plunge with this IAQ device. I am so glad that I did. Now I don’t worry as much when the heater just keeps going and going. I have a device that is always bringing in clean, fresh air for me to breathe in.


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Couldn’t agree on a temperature

I graduated school and then moved to Fort Worth with my boyfriend.

We decided to buy a house and live together for a year before getting married.

I am really glad we did that. I realized quickly that living with him was a nightmare. We fought about a lot of things. There were issues with cleaning, cooking, and upkeep of the house. The worst was probably the thermostat wars. Our house in Fort Worth was a central HVAC system. That means there was ductwork stretching room to room throughout the house. You set the thermostat and then the whole house was affected by it. My boyfriend always cranked the air conditioner no matter what. I was constantly cold in the house. It was so annoying since he wouldn’t listen to me at all. I was cold. I didn’t want to wear pants during the summer. I hated that I had to wear a coat when I ate dinner. If I dared bump up the thermostat he lost his mind. In the winter I wasn’t allowed to turn on the heater. It got to the point that I was sneaking changing the thermostat on him. We fought so much about heating and cooling. After we broke up I made sure to buy a place just for me. It is my place, my thermostat, and my HVAC unit. I now love being able to set my own heating and cooling. I save quite a bit in the summer since I don’t run my AC that much. In the winter I treat myself to decent heating settings.


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Three HVAC house in Birmingham

When I toured a bunch of homes in Alabama, I really liked this one place in Birmingham.

I called it the three HVAC houses. I really enjoyed the fact that the backyard was large and well maintained. There was a back living room area with floor to ceiling windows that were tinted. You could enjoy the view of the backyard and be totally private. The kitchen had an opening to that one where you could stick food through. How cool is that? There was also tons of storage, two bathrooms and a separate laundry area. I really loved that house. The only snag was the three HVAC units. It wasn’t a ductless unit with three indoor air handlers. Instead it was a central HVAC device in three separate areas. The previous owner definitely updated the house and put on additions. They didn’t connect the ductwork to one central unit. Instead they just added another one. At least aht is my thought. My husband believes that the units weren’t powerful and there was something wrong with the home design. That is why there were three devices. He didn’t want to do air filter changes, repairs, and upkeep on three units. He nixed that house super fast. I really wanted to live in Birmingham. I wanted to have that beaufill dining area and backyard. I understand not wanting to inherit a bunch of odd HVAC work though. The previous owner should have contacted a Birmingham HVAC dealer and worked something better out. There had to be an easier way to have climate control.


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Tampa is great for hockey lovers

My family is a big time hockey player.

When we moved to Florida I was at first quite devastated. We were used to cold days most of the year. Our pond would freeze and the boys would skate and practice drills. It was easy to find rinks and hockey teams for the boys. Well after moving to Tampa, Florida I thought the hockey part of our lives would be tougher. Turns out that even though Florida is a warm state, there is hockey there. First, the Tampa Bay Lightning professional hockey team is kick butt. They have won the cup recently and did a two year in a row stint. The games are always reasonably priced as well. My family and I make it a mission to see at least a few games during playoff season. Since Tampa is a large city finding ice rinks isn’t hard either. I have two sons and they are both on two teams. There is a lot of driving and practicing. But my family really loves it. It is nice having a cold sport despite being in a hot state. I hate the high heat and humidity. It is bearable when sitting in a cold rink I have to say. Most of the year it is way too hot to be outside. I crank the household AC and pray for the next time I get to be in an ice rink. The winter season in my opinion isn’t cold enough or long enough. But I haven’t gotten used to the heat yet. That might be the kicker.



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