Flick Park fun times for the kids

My sister visited me together with her daily after six months of not seeing each other.

  • After graduating from college, I previously lived in her house since I did not want to go back home and felt the need job hunt.

My sister gave me the freedom to do so without being on my case like my parents would have been. As a last born, they tended to be overprotective, which would hinder my progress. They felt that I needed to join the family business, but I wanted to pursue a different career and chart my path. For some reason, sister Ellie understood. I had been fortunate enough to secure a lucrative job six months ago, which meant leaving my sister’s home and getting my place close to work. She and the girls had come over for a few days since I was settled, and they were on a long summer break. I took the week off to spend time with them. While I was still living in the same area Glenview, IL, I was different from them. We decided to visit Flick park since my sister’s girls had never been to the park and it was close to my home. It would be easy to get back home in the evening and fix a quick dinner before they slept. The little ones played and enjoyed their time in the playground. They even made a few new friends. We decided to crown the day with each person’s favorite ice cream scoop before returning home. We made dinner and decided to watch a movie. That is when Ellie realized that it was too hot. My AC had broken down and needed to be fixed the next day. It turned out that I needed to buy a new unit.
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Funny Denver driver

I was in Denver for business. I decided to take the bus to my residence rather than call the cab. This was one of my ways of interacting with the locals and hearing more about the area. As a business person, it was not always easy to find an appropriate time to do this. Whenever I could, I often took the bus. So this evening, after I met with the investors, I sat next to the bus driver. I had learned over time that it was easy to chat with the bus driver than with anyone else. I was lucky that day since it seemed as though I had met an enthusiastic one. He freely told me stories about when he was younger and how cheeky he was, especially girls. The driver was a middle-aged man who seemed to enjoy life more than anything else. He kept chewing gum and seemed too optimistic for a taxing and challenging job. I asked him what his secret was, and he beckoned for me to get closer. He pointed to a pack close to the steering wheel full of green substances. Having been exposed and familiar with certain herbs, I immediately noted that whatever he showed me was cannabis. This was not shocking since Denver had legalized it a while back. The driver told me that he needed a tiny portion of his miracle herb to have a fantastic attitude all day. He said that working as a driver is not easy, especially when you meet people with different perspectives. It is even more stressful if the said people unleash their stress on you. However, he can put a straight face because he is always happy, thanks to the effect of cannabis.


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The flight to Seattle was calming for John

John was so happy to be going home.

The pandemic had isolated him from his family since he was outside the country during the lockdown. It took such a long time for the flights to resume, and he caught the first one back to the US. The whole time the pandemic was at its worst, he spoke to his parents and siblings every day. He had to admit he was somewhat scared and just wanted to be with them. His mom reminded him to remain strong and take the necessary precautions to remain safe. After a few months, John managed to book a flight that was later canceled. That happened two other times until he finally got one to New York, then New York to Seattle. When he landed in Seattle, he had to quarantine in a hotel for two weeks before going home to his family. His mom was the first one out the door when his cab pulled up. All his siblings were there together with his dad. John was so happy to be home and kept appreciating that he was safe. After a day of catching up, he decided to go to town just to take a walk and see the city. It had been some time since he was in Seattle, and the place seemed so new. John had a favorite weed store which a good friend ran. That was his first stop, and his friend was so happy to see him. John’s friend had expanded the store and was doing great ever since marijuana became legal in the state.

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Santa Barbara was growing on my cousin after the summer party

My cousin emailed me looking to come and visit me in Santa Barbara. She’d tried calling, but I was in a meeting and had my phone turned off. I saw the email later and called her back. Ever since the pandemic, she was back at home and felt quite hopeless. She tried to find something to do, but there were no opportunities in the small town. I was so willing to help since she’d always been there for me growing up. I knew coming to the city would be tough for her, but it’s what she needed. There were far more opportunities in Santa Barbara. We arranged for her flight, and I even spoke to my aunt about the visit. We didn’t elaborate and only said she was coming to visit me. My cousin arrived early one Saturday morning, and I was happy to see her at the airport. Immediately we left the airport, she commented on how big Santa Barbara was. I wasn’t going to give her a chance to cringe and took her to a party later that evening. I wanted her to relax and not feel quite intimidated. At first, she stood at a corner but later mingled after taking a pot brownie and relaxing. With weed being legal in California, it was common to see marijuana products at such events. My cousin actually enjoyed herself and told me she was beginning to like the city as we took a taxi home. That was music to my ears since I wanted her to stay and not fly back home.

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Martha wasn’t sure about the relocation to Libertyville

Martha had to admit she was not having fun at her job last fall.

The work had become quite monotonous, and she barely felt excited going into the office anymore.

In addition, business wasn’t great, and so there wasn’t that much to do. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Martha opted to do something different. She began searching online for job opportunities. She aimed to switch companies and see if she’d feel better. The following month, she heard back from one of the companies and went in for an interview. A week after the interview, Martha was called back and informed she had the job. It was a better position with a good package. However, it was in Libertyville. That meant Martha had to decide whether she wanted to relocate to the area or not. And she only had a few weeks to make the decision. Martha wasn’t sure about the idea and spoke to her dad about it. Her dad knew she wasn’t happy and encouraged her to relocate and have an adventure. Martha did just that and moved to Libertyville just before the snow fell. She was quite relieved to be settled before winter and had an excellent air conditioner to keep her new home warm. She couldn’t wait to report to work and start her new job. Once, it was time to go to work. Martha felt a little nervous. The whole movie had happened so fast that she didn’t have time to contemplate the impact of the change. It meant she had to make new friends and build a different life in the new location. There were equal parts of fear and excitement when she walked into the office building.

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