Husband wants to be an AC tech in Plano

My husband used to work totally online for an SEO company.

He then decided that enough was enough, he had it while being at a desk.

He didn’t like the hours, being stuck inside, and what he did for a living. Now he was always a handy guy, but never expressed interest in HVAC until recently. He started looking around at possibly buying a business in Plano, Texas to own and operate. When there were none for sale, he had no problem with working towards being a HVAC technician. My husband is EPA certified and is working towards NATE-certification. He wants to log a certain number of hours in the field and be with the same Plano, Texas HVAC business for years. The goal is that someday he is going to open up his own company and be the big boss. Then money will come in and he will be his own boss and make more money. I enjoy the fact that he is happy. My husband is outside in the sunshine, cool breeze, and working with his hands. He also doesn’t work such long hours at a desk. He is moving around and less stressed. His health has seen a significant impact since then. He is really interested in the world of HVAC. That is a business that is never going in my opinion. We are always going to want a good working AC in the city of Plano. I am glad that he is looking to expand and build from the ground up as well.

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