Cannabis helps treat psoriasis

I suffer from plaque psoriasis on our elbows plus knees, but there is no known cause or cure for the disease, and it is the result of an overactive immune system, however external factors, such as stress plus humidity, also affect severity.

I experience red, raised plus scaly skin patches that can become itchy plus sore.

They occasionally crack plus bleed. The condition is chronic, ugly, painful plus embarrassing, but when I was initially tested, I looked into strange forms of treatment. There are oral medications, ointments plus the use of UV light on the skin, all of them include side-effects. They put me at risk of everything from headaches plus fungal infections to liver disfigure. These medications are seriously costly, plus in most cases, the psoriasis builds up a gradual immunity to the treatment. I switched to over-the-counter lotions, creams plus gels that didn’t work entirely well. I had given up making any improvement to our condition when marijuana was finally legalized in Michigan in 2008. I instantly went through the doctor’s visit plus paperwork to qualify for our medical marijuana card. This allowed me to shop at our local dispensary in Muskegon, however having access to cannabis topicals made a sizable difference in the condition of our skin, then cannabis-infused topicals work through receptors in the skin that trigger a response from the body’s endocannabinoid system. They don’t cause any high sensation plus can be applied numerous times per day. The Muskegon dispensary carries a wide variety of roll-ons, sprays, lotions, gels, ointments plus even bath bombs. They combine cannabinoids with essential oils that give soothing relief.

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Cannabis ointments plus edibles for relieving arthritis symptoms

I first noticed stiffness in our fingers about ten years ago, but my hands were slightly swollen plus it was uncomfortable to make a fist, however initially, I didn’t realize that I was experiencing the first signs of arthritis, but for a couple of years, I dealt with flare ups over the winters… Living in Muskegon, the frosty is brutal, but temperatures below freezing are expected for at least half the year.

My complications with arthritis gradually worsened, but at 1 point, our hands swelled so abruptly plus so badly that I was forced to cut off our rings.

The pain plus stiffness began to interfere with regular activities. I had difficulty holding a pencil, typing on a laptop, pulling weeds from the garden plus holding free weights while in our workouts. I researched synthetic medications plus was not impressed with the side-effects. I tried a variety of house remedies that provided slight relief, but while looking for possibilities on the web, I came across cannabis. There were endless stories of people who’d found success with CBD plus CBN. These cannabinoids influence receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid method to alleviate inflammation plus pain. I am blessed that I can simply visit a dispensary, show our identification plus buy cannabis products. The dispensary in Muskegon carries a variety of products that are ideal for treating the symptoms of arthritis. I’ve experimented plus found that a synergistic approach is best. I treat our arthritis from the outside with cannabis-infused ointments plus from the inside with edibles. I choose products that are high in CBD plus CBN, which avoids psychoactive effects. I can take these medicines plus still drive, labor plus live our regular life.

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Good city for a bike rider

If you are a bike rider, I highly recommend Denver, Colorado.

There are so many bike trails in that area. All the trails seem to connect to each other either. It isn’t like a straight line where you ride and then turn around and come back. There is a giant loop that takes you throughout the city, in nature and spits you out where you need to be. What is great is the lack of other vehicles on the path. There is nothing worse than motorcycles, cars and other motorized vehicles on a bike path. That means you are totally safe while riding in Denver. Another pro is that it is all paved and well taken care of. There are trails for a casual rider, a mountain biker and even someone that dabbles in BMX. The scenery in Colorado is just gorgeous too. Your ride is going to be filled with some of the most beautiful sights. I always try to go to Denver in Summer and Fall. The colors and flowers there just look amazing. Another perk to staying a few days in Denver, CO is that there is recreational cannabis there. A lot of people partake in this while doing a short trip. You can pick up some edibles, tinctures or flower products. It is so easy when the state allows for recreational cannabis use. There are tons of dispensaries to choose from as well. You are going to find something you like when visiting the city of Denver.


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Moving to Denver ended up being a good thing

I ended up moving to Denver, CO of all places.

My work offered me a huge promotion to move to a new state and a big city. At first I was worried about the move. I hated to leave my family, friends and life behind. It was a lot of money and upward growth in my company. I figured in a few years I could always try to move back. Well now that I have lived in Denver for two years, I am not coming back. My new state is so much better than my old one. I used to live in Florida, which was hot all year long. I finally get to enjoy the fall season and cooler weather. I also like that the city offers so much to do here. I can shop along Cherry Creek or go for a long bike ride in Mile High City. There are tons of parks to have picnics in, theme and water parks for the kids and neat restaurants. I have been in the city for two years and I know I still haven’t seen everything. Another perk is that there is recreational and medical weed. Before I had to do the medical cannabis route in Florida. It was a pain in the butt constantly renewing my prescription and being limited on what kind of cannabis I could have. Now I can just walk into a dispensary and pick out what I want. I finally am able to enjoy an edible when I want it. I have made new friends and there is a guy at work that I am currently flirting with. I am so glad that I made the move.


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The midwest isn't so bad after all

Lee’s Summit is a city located in the state of missouri.

It is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Lee’s Summit is one of the largest cities in the entire state. The city has grown to be one of the best places to live in the whole country. My wife has a job working for St Luke’s Hospital in Lee’s summit. We moved to Lee’s Summit, Missouri, shortly after she accepted the job as the hospital coordinator. I found a job working at a commercial HVAC repair business. One nice thing about being an HVAC repair service technician is the fact that you can move anywhere you want and still have the ability to find work. It’s nice to have a technical skill and trade that can be used anywhere. I applied with a couple of different commercial HVAC repair businesses in Lee’s summit, Missouri and the next day I had three phone calls for interviews. I usually work Monday through Friday and I have the weekends off. My wife works the same schedule. Once a month I have to be on call for emergency service issues, but during that weekend my wife enjoys sleeping in and relaxing on the couch. On the other weekends, we enjoy activities at home like gardening and crafting or we hang out with friends at the local dive bar and listen to rock and roll music. I have to admit that I like it here more than I thought I would. I wasn’t very interested in moving to the midwest, but it’s not so bad here.


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