The Evansville truck dealer had great prices

About a month ago, I started looking for a brand new truck.

I knew it was time to buy a new truck and I was excited about the purchase. I saved for six months so I had a proper down payment and I plan to trade my old car as well. I had not made any purchases in several months, so I knew my credit score was going to be high. I looked all around Indiana for the best price on a new truck. I live about 2 hours away from Evansville, and I found a brand new F-150 at a dealership right outside of the city. I contacted the Evansville truck dealership and I spoke with one of the sales clerks about the truck. On Saturday, my wife and I drove to the Evansville truck dealership so we could look at the vehicle. On the way to the dealership, the AC in the car stopped working. My wife and I were already experiencing a ton of problems in the car, and the AC issue made the 2 hour trip a lot more uncomfortable. When we arrived at the dealership, the salesperson met me outside. They started looking at my vehicle so they could assess the trade in value. I honestly didn’t expect the truck to look as nice as it did, but it was still in showroom condition. The F-150 had 50,000 miles, but it was priced very low and I was ready to sign on the dotted line. The dealership in Evansville, Indiana had great customer service and the best prices in the entire state.


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The art gallery was a fun experience on edibles

My friends and I had to go to the Art Gallery of Ontario last weekend for a university project.

I wasn’t particularly excited about going to the Art Gallery of Ontario, so I decided to stop at the cannabis shop and pick up some edible cannabis treats.

The cannabis shop was on my way to the art gallery. I was supposed to meet several of my classmates at the gallery, so I picked up an entire bag of cannabis treats from the legal dispensary. Toronto has a ton of legal cannabis shops. After marijuana was legalized for everyone, the pot shops started popping up all over the place. There are at least twenty different cannabis shops in downtown Toronto. I arrived at the art gallery and told my classmates that I had a bag of cannabis edibles. Everyone wanted some of the cannabis treats. It was a good thing that I decided to buy an entire bag instead of one single serving for myself. Toronto has so many interesting and neat places, but the Art Gallery was never on the top of my list of fun places I wanted to see. Those edible cannabis treats really helped make the experience a lot more enjoyable. My classmates and I saw the colors much more vividly and we studied each painting and sculpture carefully. We had to write a paper on one particular work of art and I chose a painting by a well known Canadian painter. I could have stared at that painting for hours. I got an A on the project and I learned a little too.

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The traffic camera caught me running the red light

Downtown Denver has a lot of traffic.

There are street signs at the corner of every intersection and traffic lights at most four way stops. I have to travel through Denver frequently, because I am a delivery driver for a cannabis dispensary. The cannabis dispensary services most of the Denver area and 80% of our orders are sent downtown. I had a couple of orders last Friday and I was stuck in traffic most of the day. I got stuck behind a driver on the interstate and the person kept switching lanes every time I tried to pass. When I turned off the interstate, the other driver followed me. I should have stopped at the red light at the end of the off-ramp, but I decided to run the yellow so I wouldn’t be stuck next to the other driver. I saw the flash as soon as I ran the light. I knew the traffic camera caught me running the red light. A couple of days later, I received a traffic ticket in the mail. There was a picture of me on the downtown Denver traffic camera and the light was clearly red. I didn’t have any excuse not to pay the ticket. I tried to get my boss at the cannabis dispensary to pay the fees, but he wouldn’t agree. He told me to slow down and obey the traffic signs so I don’t end up with lots of points on my license. If I get more than six, I can’t drive for the cannabis shop legally. I would need to attend traffic school first.

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I didn't want to move here, but legal weed is cool

Both of my brothers and I were still living with my mom and dad when they decided to move to California.

My brothers and I weren’t very happy about the decision, especially since we had to move.

We packed up the entire house into a long U-Haul truck and my parents moved us all the way to San Francisco, California. My brothers and I were used to farm country and San Francisco was quite different from Idaho. My parents worked during the day and my brothers and I got into trouble whenever they weren’t at home. My parents didn’t know that my brothers and I were smoking marijuana. We were hanging out with our friends and using weed every chance we got. When I turned twenty-one, I started going to the dispensary more frequently. My mom did not want any cannabis in the house, and she threatened to make me leave. I thought she was being unreasonable and I continue to use cannabis in the house. My mom and dad staged an intervention and they told me that it didn’t matter if marijuana was legal in San Francisco or not. If I was going to continue to live in the house, I needed to follow the rules. I never wanted to move to California, and the only good part about living here is legal weed. I was left with little options at that point. Both of my brothers still live with my parents in the bay area, but I moved in with some friends. We live in an area that is less expensive. I still see my mom and dad at holidays., but they still give me a hard time about marijuana.


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The weather in Albuquerque is so mild that I can sometimes go without winter heating

I just moved to Albuquerque from the northeast, and barely missed one of the worst winter blizzards on record.

My parents were snowed in at their house and lost power for two days, but were otherwise okay because of their storm generator and wood stove to keep warm. I was really worried about them because they lost cell phone service as well and I had no idea if they were even okay and alive until the storm passed and the power was restored. I would rather avoid this kind of weather altogether, which makes Albuquerque a great place to live. We get lows into the 20s during winter, which is easily cold enough for snowfall. However, we typically get a light dusting of snow compared to the northeast where my parents live. And whenever we have a mild day with warmer weather, I don’t even have to use my central heater! Since I have a heat pump, I barely pay as much for indoor heating to begin with. Heat pumps are popular in Albuquerque because they give you an air conditioner and a central furnace in one single machine. In both cases you’re utilizing the refrigerant cycle to transfer heat from one location to another. When it’s time to cool your house, heat is pulled through the refrigerant to the compressor outside to be released into the air. To heat your house, the process is reversed and any ambient heat in the outdoor air will be absorbed and released into your house. Aside from being both economical and effective, I have heard that heat pumps are much more environmentally friendly as well. Either way, you couldn’t get me to switch back to a regular furnace even if you offered to pay me.
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