High humidity in Tampa requires a dehumidifier

Moving to Tampa, Florida, was a big change.

I grew up in the northeastern part of the country, where the weather is chilly and damp for the majority of the year.

I was accustomed to eight straight months of running the furnace and dealing with sub zero temperatures and an abundance of snow. Snow shovels, ice scrapers, rock salt and heavy boots were necessities. There were issues with insufficient humidity, such as frizzy hair, chapped lips and static shock. The temperature in Tampa seldom drops below the mid fifties, even in the middle of the winter. There seems to be two distinct seasons. For almost half the year, the conditions are pleasantly warm. For the other half, the heat and humidity are brutal. Temperatures climb into the upper nineties and the excessive moisture becomes stifling. There are concerns with mold and mildew growth, wood furnishings warping and aggravated symptoms of allergies and asthma. The high humidity levels make the air feel warmer and lead to lower thermostat settings. This puts added strain on the air conditioner and results in higher energy bills. After consulting with an HVAC contractor located in Tampa, I decided to install a whole-home dehumidifier. The device is incorporated right into the central cooling system and works to extract moisture from the air as it passes through. The home feels far more comfortable at a higher thermostat setting, and I’m saving money every month. Lessening the demands on the air conditioner should reduce the chance of repairs and contribute to a longer service life. With the humidity under control, I feel more productive during the day and sleep better at night.

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