Author: Josie

The city and state parks of Tampa are beautiful

Tampa Bay weather is really difficult, especially during summer when heat plus humidity are at their highest. My family plus myself moved to the Tampa Bay Area multiple months ago. Every one of us are still not accustomed to the overall heat plus humidity. Outdoor humidity temperature can make it feel like for full digits […]

Seeing the live action game made me a huge fan

Tampa Bay in Florida actually has a professional ice hockey team. Tampa Bay might not be a first location where people might guess that there are ice hockey teams, but the team called the lightning actually has a genuinely large fan base. My friend’s place myself appreciate the hockey team even if I wasn’t actually […]

The heat and humidity made the move unbearable

Everyone of us lived in farm country and grew up with potatoes, tomatoes, plus corn. Everyone of us knew that college was the only way we would get out of the location. Every one of us didn’t go to parties or attend places with our friends and instead concentrated on getting the best grades in […]

I missed work to drive back to Clearwater

Every one of us had a breakfast celebration on Sunday plus everyone of us went to Clearwater Beach. Everyone of us heard about a new restaurant with nice online review. My partner had Seafood with clams, scallops, shrimp, plus pieces of genuine crab. Every one of us had veal with white wine sauce. Every one […]