Author: Josie

Relocating to Libertyville, Illinois

Martha felt a little nervous. Martha had to admit she was not having fun at her job last fall; The toil had become quite monotonous, and she barely felt happy going into the office anymore, but in addition, supplier wasn’t great, and so there wasn’t that much to do. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Martha […]

We are all too hot when we are outside

FL is famous for leisure activities, and cocoa FL is no exception to that general rule, leisure Time in Cocoa FL is amazing, but whether someone chooses to go to the beach, visit the space museum, head off to the attractions that are in nearby Orlando, or make use of neighborhood amenities, he or she […]

What a great time

Jerald had not been to NM ever, but, this was going to be 1 of the most memorable trips for him! His sister got married and moved there a few years ago, however they kept in touch however hadn’t seen each other in several years, gerald missed her so much since they were so close […]