Moving to Indiana due to work

My place of work constantly is moving people around and having them work at different offices.

If you are willing to move, you can get a serious pay increase and title change.

I am single, not close to my family, and totally motivated by money. I lived all over the United States. The most recent movie had me a little skeptical. My boss wanted me to go to Indiana, specifically South Bend. I worried that there would be nothing to do there. I also was very concerned about the snow. I have lived in hot states where my main concern was AC for years. Now changing gears to snow was really jarring. I found that I really like cold weather. The heat is just brutal. I hate sweating to death indoors and out. I don’t like having to use my air conditioner all the time. In South Bend I can get by without AC if I want to. I do that to save money. I only invest in quality heating equipment. I got my house outfitted with an oil furnace and I stock up on oil every winter season. That is good enough for me. I don’t mind the snow in IN either. I like shoveling and running in the snow for exercise. I am a husky dog that loves that I own a big plot of land. He goes crazy for the snow too. It is a way nicer area than I am used to and the people are friendly in Indiana. I also like that everything isn’t so liberal. The past states I was in were very much so. It has been a nice change and I hope to stay in South Bend for a while.
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