Author: Josie

Nobody wanted to work late that evening

My friends plus I work at a seafood pizzeria down by the water in Tampa Bay. The pizzeria has been open since the 1940’s, however the whole building recently had renovations, however when the renovations were completed, the size of the pizzeria was doubled. They hired more staff to help plus our associate plus I […]

A trip in Indiana

My Dad and I went to the symphony last Thursday and I ran into a girl that I knew from school, but it had actually been at least more than two or several years since I had seen her, although she still looked genuinely great. All of us talked for a few hours while every […]

Shoveling snow because IL is so cold

When I first moved to Glenview, IL, I was happy by the idea of a chilly and snowy winter; Growing up in the deep south, I’d never experienced temperatures below fifty degrees, i’d never seen snow before. I expected it to be appreciate what I’d seen in motion pictures, the actors are regularly having a […]