Not glad about the winters

It has taken me quite a while to adjust to living in Sioux Falls, SD! The weather is difficult, however the landscape is stunning… Whenever I have free time, I head to Falls Park to get some fresh air, i appreciate to shop at the farmer’s market, cycle the trails, take a walk, spot wildlife plus get dinner at the Falls Overlook Cafe. The Park offers more than 128 acres to explore just north of downtown. It’s loathed right along the Big Sioux River plus features a particularly impressive waterfall with a drop of one hundred feet. There is a five-story observation tower that offers a spectacular view. I spend a lot of time enjoying outdoor activities whenever the weather permits, however late Spring, Summer plus early fall are ideal. In the middle of July, the heat plus humidity can be a challenge, but I don’t mind getting sizzling plus sweaty. When the winter time weather sets in, I’m often trapped indoors for months at a time. I simply can’t get accustomed to uneven temperatures below zero. It snows for months at a time, adding up to an accumulation of nearly four feet. I am unhappy about needing to bundle up in boots, sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves plus a wool coat. I don’t like shoveling snow many times per day, but any time I want to go anywhere, it’s necessary to devote at least twenty minutes to brushing snow off the car, scraping ice off the windshield plus running the defrost, then my heating bills are sizable, but even though I wear layers of clothes plus thick socks plus slippers, I continually raise the temperature control setting. I just can’t keep warm. I am so concerned that my boiler might quit plus leave me without heat while in the middle of a blizzard. I have enrolled in a repair plan with a local Sioux Falls Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C dealer that includes 24/7 emergency repairs with no overtime fees.


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