Trying to reduce A/C costs

In Lakeland, FL, the summer time seasons are especially long, hot plus sticky, then the heat plus humidity are brutal, but daytime temperatures respectfully soar into the nineties, plus my nice friend and I rely on the a/c for a minimum of eight straight months; My electric bills are a big part of the home budget.

I continually search for modern chances to trim costs.

I spent a small luck on an industry-leading, Energy Star rated a/c with a 26 SEER. The system features variable-speed operation, which allows it to adapt output to the exact needs of the living environment; Rather than run at maximum speed until achieving the temperature control setting plus then shutting off completely, the cooling system adjusts in tiny one percent increments somewhere between forty plus one hundred percent capacity. The longer run times plus lower speeds reduces energy consumption plus costs! Plus, the system has more time to filter out air contaminants plus manage excess humidity. To ensure the cooling system continues to operate at peak reliability plus energy efficiency, I am conscientious about replacing air filters every month. I have signed up for a maintenance plant that includes a comprehensive diagnostic testing, cleaning plus adjustment from a licensed HVAC specialist. I also schedule ductwork testing every other year. To lessen demands on the a/c, I keep the blinds closed during the afternoon. I rarely use the oven plus keep the lights off, but just recently, I installed ceiling fans in most of the rooms. They are appealing plus also help to improve comfort. The cans encourage the heat up plus out, creating a cooling effect.

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