The flight delay in Santa Barbara turned into a blessing

Oscar was traveling from California to New York after meeting some clients and getting a new account.

He’d been hosted by a friend in San Francisco and loved the whole experience.

He wished he could stay longer and explore other areas like Santa Barbara. Oscar believed in signs and knew if he was meant to stay behind, he’d see a sign. He packed his things on the day of departure and threw away wrappers of the marijuana candy he’d had the previous night. His friend had taken him to a weed dispensary down the block to explore their selection. As a sweet tooth, of course, Oscar bought hard candy and gummies. Oscar’s cab arrived, and he said goodbye to his friend. All the way to the airport, he waited for a sign that he was to stay. But, the sign did not come until he had boarded the plane. It took too long for the flight to depart, and the steward came and told them to disembark. The airplane had a mechanical issue and could not take off. That was it, and Oscar nearly sprinted out of the packed craft. He went and requested his luggage but did not return to his friend’s place. Instead, he took a bus to Santa Barbara, where he would spend a week exploring the city and its unique surroundings. All the while, he tried not to think about what would have happened had the plane taken off. Oscar had a blast touring the coastal city after phoning his boss and requesting time off. He even went to another weed dispensary to grab a few of the edibles he loved so much.



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I had lived in Evansville, Indiana, all my life and had never been on board the USS LST-325

I was born in Evansville and had called this city my home all my life.

I managed to leave at some point on a gap year to travel.

But, I never wanted to stay anywhere else. My adoptive parents were delighted to hear I wanted to go to a local college and join the family business. We ran an AC repair and maintenance service that was doing quite well. My dad had begun the business years back and continued to be one of the most reliable HVAC suppliers in the city known for its brutal winters. Last summer, I had some time off work and school and decided to go on a city tour. A friend had been telling me about her escapades and places she never knew existed. I grew curious and began to become a tourist in my own home. Armed with a tour guide book, I set off one morning and found myself in line to board the USS LST-325. It was such a marvelous experience since it was a fully operational World War 2 vessel. How had I not been there before? Once inside, we all got a guided tour of the massive interior, and I saw several military buffs jumping for joy. I opted to pay more for an individual tour since I didn’t do too well in crowds. The guided experience lasted an hour, and I got to see lots of well-preserved World War 2 military weapons, documents, and pictures. We went to the main deck plus the sleeping quarters, where the soldiers would get a moment to rest before resuming their duties. I stopped at the gift shop on my way out and got some lovely World War 2 merchandise for my family and me.


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Jessica wanted to know a little more about Denver, Colorado, before moving there

Nothing was going to take away from the thrill she felt inside about the move

Jessica was scouring the internet one day searching for a job. She felt she wanted a new experience and made sure her search was in other locations across the country. One link led her to a job opportunity in Denver, Colorado. After submitting her application, she got an email inviting her to a virtual interview since she was not in the city. The interview went great, and she got the job, so Jessica had to make arrangements to move to Denver within a month. All of this was happening so fast for her. Jessica did not know much about Denver apart from the fact that it was the capital of Colorado and quite a populous city. She decided to research the weather and if the area had good AC repair and maintenance companies. Jessica understood the value of a good aircon unit after living in the north all her life. Denver proved to be just the place she wanted to relocate to. According to history, in 1861, the Colorado territory was created, followed by the incorporation of Denver city later that same year. Today, the city is diversely populated and has 78 official neighborhoods. Jessica loved the fact that there were lots to do and see in the city. This would be her first move away from home, and she could not wait to start her new life. The climate was a bit different from the north, but the climate had some similarities. In terms of art and culture, Denver was a city oozing with both, making Jessica eager to make some new friends. Nothing was going to take away from the thrill she felt inside about the move. Even her folks were supportive.


Jessica wanted to know a little more about Denver, Colorado, before moving there

I never knew that Bing Crosby lived in Spokane.

I was talking to my mom the other day and she was reading something online.

She turned to me and had a funny look on her face.

She said that she never knew Bing Crosby lived in Spokane, WA. Oh…okay; was my response since I had no idea who Bing Crosby was. She explained that when she was a kid, her mother was always watching movies that featured Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. She was surprised to read that his childhood home was in Spokane, WA. Since we were going to Spokane, WA for vacation, she wanted to visit his boyhood home. I was going so my best friend and I could hike on Mt. Spokane. I asked mom if she wanted to take a friend and go with us. She was looking for sites in Spokane that would interest her and her friend, Nancy. She wanted to see the Bing Crosby house, and look into some of the museums in the city. She looked at me oddly and asked why I chose to go to Spokane, WA. My friend, Bill, lived in Spokane, WA and he had invited us to come visit him for winter vacation. I knew that mom was lonely since dad passed away and I thought she may enjoy Christmas away from the house. She seemed excited as she talked about a hotel with good heating, but then I told her we would be staying at Bill’s home. I was sure he had excellent heating and air conditioning. That’s when I got the ‘big’ talk from mom, to warn me about men. We both laughed, since I was twenty-one years old.

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A day of hiking will always help me clear my mind

Unless you look at the cartridge closely, there is virtually no way to tell the difference

I love going to the Petroglyph National Forest just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I live in Albuquerque, but it still takes about forty minutes to get to the national park. Last summer, my mom bought me a national parks pass for my birthday because she knows how much I love going to the park to hike. Hiking clears my mind and helps me relieve stress. There are so many cool places to visit inside the national park including the volcanoes day use area. Since New Mexico legalized recreational cannabis, it’s easy to find a dispensary on the way to the national park. I never take anything that needs to be lit on fire, because that is a safety hazard. I don’t mind stopping at the cannabis shop to pick up a disposable vape pen. One particular marijuana shop carries several different live resin disposable vape pens. The place is only a couple of miles away from my apartment. They have a huge selection of vape pen supplies, batteries, and disposables. Disposable vape pens are perfect for a day of hiking because they don’t require a battery or a lighter. They are very easy to use and discreet. There isn’t much odor from vaping the live resin, so it’s hard for anyone to notice. Lots of people vape nicotine and the smell is very similar. Unless you look at the cartridge closely, there is virtually no way to tell the difference. That makes it the perfect option for spaces without privacy. Whenever I feel the need to clear my mind, hiking in the national forest is the perfect option.

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