A heat pump system is perfect for Texas

I have wanted a heat pump system for a very long time.

  • Living in Plano, TX means that I see my fair share of hot days, but not too bad with cold.

That is why a heat pump system works for my area. With a heat pump it moves existing heat energy. There is an outdoor air compressor and an indoor air handler. During the summer the heat energy inside the house is pumped outdoors and fresh air is brought in and coolant goes through it. It is a much cleaner, easier, and safer way to provide air conditioning. In the winter the heat energy from outdoors is pumped inside. No burning of fuels or using a bunch of power. It is energy smart, easy, and clean. I love that it doesn’t cost hardly any money. The heat pump can only work in temperatures above freezing. That is very rare in Plano. I am debating on maybe getting a dual fuel system that combines a heat pump. Those cold days are so rare though I think I can get by with a normal heat pump. I only have a single system to provide repairs and service on. This system is ductless so I can have HVAC zone control throughout my house. I also don’t need to deal with ductwork cleaning and sealing appointments. A heat pump can live 15 years and require very minimal service. There are just so many pros to owning a heat pump system in Plano, Texas. Everyone should own one.

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