Author: Josie

The HVAC you need in Evansville, IN

Carol looked just as wonderful as she did the night all of us met at the symphony. My mom plus I went to the symphony last Tuesday plus I ran into a girl that I knew from high university. It had definitely been at least multiple or four years since I had seen her, although […]

Glenview, IL is an awesome place to be

Icy pavement is dangerous. When I first moved to Glenview, Illinois, I was gleeful by the method of a chilly plus snowy winter… Growing up in the deep south, I’d never experienced temperatures below fifty degrees; I’d never seen snow before. I expected it to be prefer what I’d seen in movies; The actors are […]

Winter in Washington

I grew up in a family of semi-professional winemakers that have roots going back to Europe. Because of the cultural differences, I was drinking a single glass of wine during holiday meals as early as 12-years-old. As a result, I never struggled with alcohol addiction because it was never taboo plus I grew sleepy of […]