I can buy a geothermal heat pump in Birmingham

I have lived in Birmingham, AL all my life, and i will confess there isn’t a whole lot to do here! There are museums, parks, and shops.

There are fantastic locales to eat, theaters, and some events that are put on for the kids.

There is a lot of history with Birmingham and that is showcased heavily. If you aren’t a history buff, you entirely won’t ever visit here. That is okay though; Living year round, I like my area… Birmingham has some of the best weather in the United States. I care about that I get four distinct seasons. I can have fall leaves change, the opportunity of snow, blooming flowers, and a hot summer time season. I don’t have any dire temperatures though. The highest we get is a few days in the 90s and the lowest we get is a few afternoons in the 30s, and a geothermal heat pump is how I get by in my afternoon to afternoon. The geothermal heat pump uses the existing heat energy in the ground and then pumps it indoors for a heating effect in the winter. The reverse happens in the summer. Think about it. The underground temperature in the summer time is consistently colder, however using that colder temperatures means I save money no longer creating it myself with burning and churning of fossil fuels. Using existing heat energy is also much cheaper and cleaner for the indoor air quality, however most locations don’t have a heat pump due to getting too cold in the winter. Birmingham doesn’t get cold enough for that though.


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