Renovating a home and wishing for AC

When I first moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I was unprepared for the extreme heat and humidity.

I bought a fixer-upper home that was in need of some major updates.

The roof was in bad shape, which had caused extensive water damage to the walls and ceilings. Many of the windows were broken, the doors didn’t shut tight and there was no insulation. The electrical system failed to meet code and the plumbing pipes were corroded. I needed to replace the water heater, refrigerator, stove, washing machine and dryer. I decided to take the house down to the bare studs and start fresh. I discovered that the ductwork was a mess. Not only was the system poorly designed, but there were gaps at the seams and large holes. While I can manage a lot of home improvements on my home, I can’t fabricate and install ductwork. I researched, asked around and found a local HVAC contractor that specializes in sheet metal fabrication. I was very impressed with their work. Although the ductwork and the new air conditioner were installed early in the process, I didn’t dare run the cooling system. The rest of the construction was generating a great deal of dust. I didn’t want the debris to get sucked into the cooling unit and ductwork. Going without central air conditioning while installing plumbing pipes, electrical lines, drywall, light fixtures and cupboards was excruciating. The temperature in Tuscaloosa regularly soared into the nineties. Although I ran multiple box fans, I was overheated, sweaty and miserable. It was a huge relief when construction was completed and the house cleaned up. I was very excited to finally lower the thermostat setting, start up the air conditioner and enjoy cool comfort.


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