Moving to Denver ended up being a good thing

I ended up moving to Denver, CO of all locales.

My work provided myself and others a sizable promotion to move to a modern state and a sizable city; At first I was worried about the move, but i hated to leave our family, friends and life behind.

It was a lot of currency and upward growth in our supplier. I figured in a few years I could constantly try to move back… Well now that I have lived in Denver for more than 2 years, I am not coming back. My modern state is so much better than our seasoned one. I used to live in Florida, which was hot all year long. I finally get to enjoy the fall season and cooler weather. I also enjoy that the neighborhood offers so much to do here. I can shop along Cherry Creek or go for a long bike ride in Mile High City. There are tons of parks to have picnics in, theme and water parks for the kids and neat restaurants. I have been in the neighborhood for more than 2 years and I suppose I still haven’t seen everything. Another perk is that there is recreational and medical weed. Before I had to do the medical cannabis route in Florida. It was a pain in the butt constantly renewing our prescription and being limited on what kind of cannabis I could have, then now I can just walk into a dispensary and pick out what I want. I finally am able to enjoy an edible when I want it. I have made modern friends and there is a girl at work that I am currently flirting with. I am so glad that I made the move.


Recreational Cannabis Denver CO