The midwest isn't so bad after all

Lee’s Summit is a city located in the state of missouri.

It is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Lee’s Summit is one of the largest cities in the entire state. The city has grown to be one of the best places to live in the whole country. My wife has a job working for St Luke’s Hospital in Lee’s summit. We moved to Lee’s Summit, Missouri, shortly after she accepted the job as the hospital coordinator. I found a job working at a commercial HVAC repair business. One nice thing about being an HVAC repair service technician is the fact that you can move anywhere you want and still have the ability to find work. It’s nice to have a technical skill and trade that can be used anywhere. I applied with a couple of different commercial HVAC repair businesses in Lee’s summit, Missouri and the next day I had three phone calls for interviews. I usually work Monday through Friday and I have the weekends off. My wife works the same schedule. Once a month I have to be on call for emergency service issues, but during that weekend my wife enjoys sleeping in and relaxing on the couch. On the other weekends, we enjoy activities at home like gardening and crafting or we hang out with friends at the local dive bar and listen to rock and roll music. I have to admit that I like it here more than I thought I would. I wasn’t very interested in moving to the midwest, but it’s not so bad here.


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