San Francisco traffic is difficult during tourist season

Springtime is the best time to visit San Francisco, CA.

I work at a marijuana dispensary as a delivery driver. Most of the time, the roads are busy but not overly so. The traffic is something I’ve learned to deal with. However, since the start of Spring, the traffic downtown has been especially bad. If you’ve never driven in San Francisco, it’s hard to explain the traffic and layout of the streets. The city is nothing like anywhere else in the country. I have lived all over the western part of the country. My dad was in the service and my family moved every couple of years. When we settled in San Francisco, CA, I felt like I’d finally arrived home. I have not left since my family moved here in 2000. My mom and dad have retired and moved back to Idaho, but I was unwilling to leave San Francisco. I like my job working at the cannabis dispensary. I work most days of the week but only for about 6 hours on each of those days. I earn enough in tips to cover my rent, groceries, utilities, and assorted necessities. Lately, the traffic has been congested. The roads are overrun with tourists. These people take forever to make their turns and are inching along looking at the sites. I’ve noticed that the license plates are from out of state. The cannabis deliveries are taking much longer than normal. I am arriving late for deliveries and need to work longer everyday. At the end of the shift, I’m exhausted just from navigating the traffic. It’s very frustrating.

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