We couldn't finish our round because of the emergency call

I get one day off from work each week and that day is saturday.

On Saturdays, I spend time with my friends and family.

I haven’t had a girlfriend in a long time, because I spend most of my time at work. I work for a phoenix heating and AC repair company. The AC repair business is always fielding calls from customers that have problems. During the month, I have to be on call for two weekends. Last weekend I was on call, but I decided to go play a round of golf with my friends. The weather was nice and sunny and it was warm. It wasn’t too humid outside. It was the perfect weather for golf. Jack and I loaded up our clubs into the truck and drove over to the public course. You can always get a tee time at the public course in phoenix. Getting a tee time at one of the professional golf courses is a different story. It costs about $80 a person to play a round of golf and you have to make reservations several weeks or months in advance. My friends and I were in the middle of our golf round when my work phone started buzzing. I was going to ignore the call, but I knew that was a bad idea. I answered the phone and the customer was a little old lady that was having trouble with the AC in her home. She was just outside of Phoenix and only 15 minutes away from the place where my friends and I were enjoying our golf game. I didn’t have many tools in my truck, but I decided to check out the AC problem since I was close.



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