Surprised by California

For most of our life, I figured California was the same as I saw it in the movies.

I pictured movie set-like scenes with shopping at places like Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, and high-fashion haute clothing stores.

I assumed CA was filled with hills and valleys, and that the desert was strictly in the midwest. When I relocated to California, I was completely surprised by the geography of the area. I settled into a neighborhood just outside of San Francisco. I found a place with some friends who I’d met in school. The three of us shared a small rented house in San Francisco and it was still extremely expensive. I saw the hills and valleys that I had expected, but outside of the actual town was a surprise. I found groves of lemon and orange trees along with big Redwood forests. Everything in CA was bigger than expected. The number of marijuana dispensaries was a bit shocking. San Francisco included a cannabis dispensary on every corner. Each business features a variety of different strains, consumption methods and cannabis gear. I was aware that CA had legalized recreational marijuana, but I was still shocked by the amount of shops selling the product. My friends and I rent a place by the park and there are four cannabis dispensaries within walking distance. I think I’m going to be content living in CA. I’ve already gotten used to the weather, which is completely wonderful. It never gets overly cold in this area and summer temperatures remain in the 70s on most days. If you have never seen San Francisco or the west coast, I would highly suggest making it a priority.
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