Boiler is perfect for the weather in Alsip

For the weather in Alsip, Illinois, a boiler is ideal.

The drawback of a boiler is that it doesn’t provide any centralized cooling capacity.

With our brief summer season, frequent rain and chilly temperatures, we don’t need whole-house air conditioning. A window air conditioner in the bedroom window is sufficient. Our focus is the eight-month long winter and temperatures down to negative twenty-five. The season requires an exceptionally powerful heating system. Boilers are known for being reliable and providing long service lives. Rather than use air to convey heat energy, they heat water and send it through pipes installed under the floors and/or in the walls. These pipes can connect to any combination of radiant floor heating, radiators and baseboard heaters. The boiler can also link to a snowmelt system, towel warmers and even a swimming pool heater. The use of water instead of air prevents issues with overly dry air and the need to install a humidifier. As a closed system, the boiler uses the same water over and over. It doesn’t introduce contaminants into the breathing air. Boilers are often recommended for people who suffer from asthma, allergies and respiratory sensitivities. The heat is infused into the air, creating a more gentle comfort. It avoids drafts, cold spots and temperature fluctuations. The temperature from floor to ceiling doesn’t vary more than three degrees from the temperature setting. Another benefit of boilers is the simplicity of maintenance. The system has very few moving parts which reduces the chance of repairs. Boilers typically don’t need to be replaced until the manufacturer’s no longer make replacement parts.


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