Summer in Muskegon

Muskegon can truly be called a place for all seasons, and indeed, the cold weather options abound. It is Michigan, after all! In the winter, you can enjoy snow activities at official places like parks or your own backyard. You can learn to Luge at the Luge Park or just build a snow family and have a snowball fight with your siblings. Zip Lining through the colorful trees in Autumn is an amazing adventure that Muskegon offers, too. So, too, does fall bring apples and farmers markets to get a blast out of sweater weather. Spring in Muskegon is a beautiful time to venture forth into one of the many city parks to enjoy a picnic with that special person or just to sip on a coffee while reading the latest news online while the flora and fauna start their special springtime antics. But, to me, the best Muskegon has to offer is in the summer. Summer in Muskegon can find you enjoying the sand between your toes at one of our world-class beaches. You can have a weekend adventure with the kids by going to the Muskegon Luge Park. During the summer months, the luging happens on wheels! You can also visit the archery course, where newbies can learn to shoot a bow and arrow just like Robin Hood, and old hands can root them on to a bullseye. At the same park, summer brings the opportunity to solve riddles at Trail Quest. Learning how to read maps, critical thinking to solve puzzles, and working together are all part of the game — but don’t tell the kids that!

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