Marijuana products available in Denver, Colorado

Last fall, our friends wanted to take me on a trip for our 30th birthday, but i have always wanted to see a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater near Denver, CO, as I had never been and I had heard so numerous good things about the space and the acoustics, then as soon as all of us got off the jetliner, all of us all noticed the fresh, crisp mountain air… Once the Uber dropped us off at the hotel, all of us unpacked, and walked across the street to the cannabis dispensary, but the budtender showed us all of the weird marijuana products that they sold, and since cannabis is legal in Denver, they were able to offer a multitude of cannabis products love THC edibles, cannabis flower, marijuana vapes, and even CBD tinctures, we told the budtender that all of us were going to a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and that all of us wanted to get something to heighten the experience, without any of us feeling too high to enjoy the show. The budtender showed us some THC gummy worms that were infused with cannabis extract, however he said that all of us would want to start with half of a worm and wait a bit to see how it affected us before all of us took any more; My friends and I went back to the hotel, and all of us each ate half a worm about 2 minutes before the show, and right before the show started all of us ate another half. The high was light, and none of us were uncomfortably high, and the best area was that all of us were all able to remember the whole concert, which was the whole reason all of us opted to go to Denver.


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