The day of the football game was frigid as well as frigid

Both of my sons played football in high college, and my husband as well as I attended every single a single of the games, even the a singles that occurred in the month of January when the temperatures were downright frigid as well as frigid; January in Denver is no laughing matter, especially up in the hills, but the college is located just at the base of the mountains right outside of Denver… When the youngsters were playing ball in January, temperatures were around 30° every single day, then during a single of the games, I slept on some ice as well as I fell down a couple of stairs! I thought I was fine, because I got up as well as I was able to walk as well as put weight on my foot, however unfortunately, it started to swell as well as I ended up leaving the game in the 4th quarter to go to the emergency room.

The medical professional said that my leg was badly broken as well as he wondered why I did not recognize more pain.

After I got out of the hospital, the medical professional proposed medical marijuana to help with the pain. It was bad after the surgery… Even with the pain pills, I could barely kneel being awake. My husband brought me apartment some medical marijuana from a Denver dispensary as well as I smoked a little bit of the pot. I coughed a little bit as well as I laughed a lot. After that I ate a lot of the things in the refrigerator. I did recognize much better as well as I forgot about the pain temporarily. I smoked medical marijuana a couple of more times while I was reclaiming from the broken leg.


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