My child moved to Seattle a few years ago

I wasn’t honestly gleeful when our kid said that she was going to transfer to Seattle to be with a girl, then i instantly thought that she was trying to scam her heart in some way and get all of her cash.

It’s not as if our kid had a ton of cash, even though I was anxious about him.

I did not want to see him leave me and the rest of the family and then end up with a broken heart. I said as more than 2 prayers as possible and I believe they must have been answered! My kid and the girl ended up getting married a couple of years ago and now they have two attractive children that are our grandchildren. I recently drove to Seattle to see them for a week. I stayed at the home in Seattle where the kids live… One thing that I observed immediately was the smell of marijuana; The entire home smelled like marijuana. It wasn’t just one room or one site! When I asked our kid about the smell, she claimed it was basil or oregano from cooking the previous night. I told our kid that I wasn’t a fool and I believe what the smell of marijuana was like, and she came wash to me about using recreational marijuana supplies. She told me that she and her girlfriend had been using recreational marijuana for the past 2 years together. It particularly helped her get through her postpartum depression after the first kid and the two of them loved the mental health benefits so much that they continue to use marijuana now as well.



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