The ups plus downs of Las Vegas

My wife Joy plus I do a quarterly podcast; It is actually free-wheeling plus based on improvisation! Usually both of us start with a list of bullet points, which guides us through the recording session, plus then both of us discuss the numerous topics off the top of our heads, the people I was with and I don’t have a lot of listeners, however both of us appreciate doing it! Last month both of us returned from a long weekend in Las Vegas, plus ever since then I’ve been thinking about it. The podcast Joy plus I will be recording this weekend will discuss the highs plus lows about our Las Vegas sojourn, however joy has never been a substantial fan of smoking cannabis, plus she had no method it was legal to get in Las Vegas. I knew that of course, however didn’t tell her. Joy prefers to sip on cocktails, whereas I love to smoke marijuana instead of drinking liquor. Las Vegas diagnosed us both, providing ample drinks plus cannabis no matter where both of us opted to go or what both of us did; Much to our surprise I did not love gambling in Las Vegas as much as I expected… Perhaps that was because I lost our entire gambling budget within a single minute. Joy fared much better in her first attempt at gambling in Las Vegas, so overall both of us broke even, but while the casinos didn’t wow me, I did appreciate the abundance of live shows plus live tunes that Las Vegas had to offer. Please check out our podcast about Las Vegas, during which I will be smoking the remainder of the cannabis I purchased there.


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