Biker’s paradise in Portland

Portland is one of the few cities that is actually making an effort to go green.

That is why it is so easy to become a biker in the area. There are tons of bike paths and beautiful scenery on the paths. There are paved sections and areas to clip your bike to. The few cars on the road are also cautious of bikers and considerate. When I moved to Oregon, there was no question about cars or bicycles. The weather doesn’t get that cold in my area. Yes it can get into the 30s in the dead of winter, but with no snow or ice it isn’t that bad. I have all sorts of gear for biking. I have my cold thermal gear that I wear in the cooler months and then my moisture wicking fabric for the summertime. I have a backpack with a built-in water spigot so I don’t need to carry a bottle. I have hand grips, a helmet, sunglasses and special shoes. I save so much money not owning a car. I also am saving the planet. I like that I can bike wherever I need to go too. If I want to head over to the local market to pick up something fun, that is easy. There are tons of food options in Portland Oregon too. I like that I can easily bike to dinner and not worry about parking for some of these delicious places. The bike ride to the legal cannabis dispensary is a great one too. It is all paved road and smooth sailing. I can stuff whatever I buy in my backpack and it hardly weighs anything too.

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