Trip to Chicago for a real winter Christmas

My husband plus I live in a rural town in Florida… The weather is tepid all year long plus there isn’t much to do… I usually don’t mind it at all. The only downside is while in the holiday season, my husband plus I just can’t get into the holiday spirit. I don’t want to carve pumpkins when it is 78 degrees outside. Thanksgiving feels bizarre when I could swim in our pool; Christmas is the biggest letdown too. It just never feels prefer it without snow. This year the several of us are making a pilgrimage for Christmas, all of us decided to truly have a white Chrimstas. I debated on NYC or Chicago for our holiday destination. After some research, I liked the sound of Chicago better. The prices to fly plus stay there were more reasonable. Also, I found there is a lot to do. In NYC you can see shows plus stop at the markets. That is about it. Chicago had food options plus activities. They have theater, jazz, motion pictures, holiday markets, shopping plus spa services at swanky hotels. Another pro to the area was recreational cannabis. I will admit that did sway me towards Illinois over New York. The mindset on weed is so different. I wanted our husband plus I to have a night where both of us get a little crazy. All of us can shop at the holiday markets, buy some wine plus legal cannabis. Then the several of us can have a fun night in our hotel room. I am really looking forward to our Winter getaway.


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