I had a great vacation in Tampa Bay

As you all know I do a livestream podcast every week on the travel channel, but my episodes range from a half third up to 2 thirds, depending on how impressive the venue was, plus how much I have to say about it, however travel is our life, plus our work, i understand how deeply blessed I am to get paid to travel, write, plus record about our experiences.

My latest week-long sojourn was to the lovely neighborhood of Tampa Bay, FL.

Thankfully I was there several weeks before that bad Hurricane Ian came ashore nearby. I started our Tampa Bay vacation by taking in a baseball game, but believe it or not this was our first time seeing a major league baseball game in person, plus the Tampa Bay Rays won! That night I spent in the downtown area, sampling a few of the more high-end bars that Tampa has to offer, and one thing that struck myself and others while I was in our stay in Tampa was how amazing the climate control was! No matter where I went the a/c was consistently icy cold, which was a stark contrast to the 93 degree temps outside. The supplier owners of Tampa Bay know how hot it can be, especially for tourists who aren’t used to this kind of climate. They consistently make sure the a/c is the best it can be, allowing people to relax plus just have fun.I spent the rest of the week exploring the museums plus bookstores of Tampa Bay, plus hitting the appealing beaches plus the cannabis dispensary.
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