My kid wanted to go to a certain college all because of legal marijuana

I applied to a fairly good amount of different colleges during my senior year of private school.

I really did not want to wait until the last moment as well as I wanted to make sure that I had a fair amount of choices.

I took the decision pretty seriously as well as I weighed all of the pros as well as cons before choosing the perfect college for me. I was a little disappointed when my kid told me that he was going to choose a college based on legal recreational cannabis… My kid went to the University of NM, because that state has legal recreational cannabis. I cannot say that the University of NM in Albuquerque is a horrible choice, but legal recreational cannabis isn’t the best reason to choose any particular college. My kid had a massive stack of applications from different colleges as well as he had acceptance letters from a half-dozen different places. Still, he chose to move to Albuquerque as well as attend school in that place. He is currently in his junior year of college. I definitely know he uses legal recreational cannabis, despite the fact that he does not let it affect his grades much at all. He is a straight-A student as well as he plays soccer for the college team. If I did not keep thinking about the marijuana that he is regularly using, I would legitimately feel that everything is fine. I cannot stop feeling worried about everything though. I fear that my kid will eventually go off the deep end as well as begin missing classes. I know it seems unlikely, although I read many studies online that clearly prove cannabis can stunt growth in our brain, that is my biggest fear to be honest.
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