My cute pet doesn't like being at home all day alone

After my girlfriend plus I broke up, I was alone all the time… I told my therapist that I was feeling depressed.

  • I told her that I was thinking about calling my ex-girlfriend to see what she was up to, but my therapist advocated it might be a better plan to get a pet.

I went to the local town shelter plus visited with some of the cats plus cats, and the town shelter had various birds, a set of lovebirds, plus an iguana as well, even though I knew that those animals would require way more work than I was willing to give. I also work a lot of long hours at the Albuquerque heating plus AC repair business. I needed a pet that would not require use of the bathroom every few hours. I tend to work 10 or 12 hour days on the weekends plus I did not want to worry about my pet being angry. I went to the shelter a couple of nights after I was done laboring at the heating plus AC repair shop. There was 1 pet that seemed to entirely prefer me. She was an older German Shepherd plus Pitbull mix. That pet was entirely cute plus friendly plus she seemed to prefer myself and others a lot. The lady at the Albuquerque corporation told myself and others that the pet would be a good fit for my needs plus my schedule plus advocated that I take the pet modern home for a weekend. I took the pet modern home on Thursday plus by Sunday day, I was ready to sign all of the paperwork plus adopt a modern companion.

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