Love those birds

I care about going to the park, because there is always a lot of wildlife; The park is legitimately quiet plus serene.

It’s a single of the only places in Phoenix where I can look for birdies… Bird watching is a interest of mine, although I rarely get out anymore… Once I moved to Phoenix, I settled down plus got comfortable.

I still travel around the city from time to time, although I usually go to the same park in Phoenix. It’s right across the street from a corporation that sells furnaces, space heaters, air conditioners, plus other heating plus cooling equipment. The heating plus cooling device corporation has been situated in the same building for the past 40 years. There is graffiti on the wall from youngsters that have moved onto greater plus better things, but my child came to the beach house a couple of days ago plus he took me to the park, but he drove me in his vehicle so I did not have to walk. The people I was with and I sat on the bench plus I looked at the corporation that sells furnaces, space heaters, plus air conditioners while our child proceeded to tell me that it is time for me to transport in with her. She has a beach house in Phoenix as well, however I’m not ready to give up our autonomy plus transport in with someone that is going to tell me what to do plus when to do it. I am a grown man plus I’m not ready for someone else to schedule out our afternoon care about I am a child.


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