The weed shop in Lowell

My friends and I went to the marijuana dispensary in Lowell Michigan to grab some supplies! While both of us were there, both of us ran into a couple of friends. All of us sat and talked for a while, the budtender at the counter seemed to be a little aggravated that both of us were not ready to place our order when both of us stepped up to the counter, i did not guess it was a absolutely big deal. I told the Lowell budtender that I was interested in buying a few weird sativa strains. I asked the budtender what type of sativa strains they had available; She kind of rolled her eyes at me and moved to the other side of the counter. She started naming strains… Half of the strains that she named were not sativas. She said granddaddy orange and I think that is a hybrid. I stopped the budtender and reminded her that I was only interested in the sativas. At that point she seemed to lose her temper. She told me that I could look at the items on our own if I did not need any help from her. I truthfully did not have undoubtedly nice customer repair at the Lowell marijuana dispensary that time. I might not even have gone back to the same dispensary after I was treated so poorly by someone who clearly did not think anything about her job. They should absolutely make people learn about marijuana and all of the strains before they are hired to toil in a dispensary. In a medical marijuana dispensary, the people toiling behind the counter should think the same about the products as a pharmacist would.

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