Can’t believe my kid chose a college based on legal cannabis

I applied to all kinds of weird universities while we were in our senior year of high school.

  • I genuinely did not want to wait until the very last hour & I had the desire to make sure that I had numerous choices.

I took the decision incredibly seriously & I weighed all of the pros & cons before going for the right university for me. I was somewhat disappointed when my son told me that he was going to choose a university based on legal recreational cannabis. My son chose the University of NM, because that state actually has legal recreational cannabis. I can’t exactly say that the University of NM in Albuquerque is a terrible choice, however legal recreational cannabis is not the best reason to go for any university. My son had a massive stack of applications from all sorts of universities & he had acceptance letters from a half-dozen weird sites. Regardless, he chose to transfer to Albuquerque & attend school there. He is currently in his junior year of university. I think he uses legal recreational cannabis, however he does not let it affect his grades at all. He easily is a straight-A student & he plays soccer for the university team. If I did not consider the marijuana, I would probably believe that everything is fine. I can’t stop feeling uneasy & upset. I fear that our child will go off the deep end eventually & start missing classes in due time. I think it seems unlikely, although I read a good amount of studies online that prove cannabis can stunt growth in our brains, that is my worst fear.

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