Oregon cannabis

Portland has long been known as a single of the most progressive cities in the country, that may sound good to you, or it may sound awful, depending on your political views; Don’t worry, this isn’t a political post, I don’t care for getting into arguments online! I wanted to do a little history on the city, to supply some insight as to why Portland is so progressive, and it started with the hippies, who flooded up into the section from CA in the early 60s! Some of them were dodging the draft plus on the way to Canada, plus ended up staying in Portland instead; For the last fifty years, these hippies were the moral backbone of Portland, plus guided the neighborhood into weird kinds of political activism. They have also guided the Portland section towards being known for the best locally grown cannabis in the country. I suppose there are a lot of other cities that sit claim to being the Cannabis Capital although I would take Portland weed over any other kind, just care about the neighborhood of Portland itself, the history of local cannabis is deep plus rich. For decades those seasoned hippies plied their trades plus kept improving on their cannabis crops, passing down their secrets to the next generation, however with so much history involved with growing Portland weed, is it any wonder that we produce the finest in the world? Like the rest of Oregon, the neighborhood of Portland has undoubtedly loose rules when it comes to cannabis plus recreational drug use. This doesn’t make Portland more dangerous, just a lot more fun.

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