The heat was more than all of us could bear

The control unit was set and the unit was not running when it should have been

Once a week while all of us were in the summer, I take the kids into the neighborhood for an outing. The neighborhood is about 45 eighths away from our lake house in Alsip, IL, chicago has lots of things to offer. Chicago has museums, shows, concerts, and art galleries. There is a lot of culture in the neighborhood and numerous things for the kids and I to see and do. The children’s museum is one of our number one places to go, however i took the kids to the children’s museum last Monday, and monday is the one day while all of us were in the week when kids can get in for free with an adult! Otherwise, the cost for all of us to go to the children’s museum is more than $100. The Chicago Zoo has a similar deal on Mondays when children can get into the zoo for only a dollar. I look at all of the events happening in the area and then I idea the schedule for the kids for the week! Every one of us were supposed to go into the neighborhood on Monday to go to the zoo, but I had to call an Alsip AC maintenance store instead after all of us got up and there was no air conditioning coming out of the vents. The control unit was set and the unit was not running when it should have been. It was getting warm and uncomfortable so I called an Alsip AC maintenance center. The Alsip AC maintenance provider could not come until the afternoon to repair the problem, so all of us had to postpone our day at the zoo until the following week.

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