Going to White Sands was a wonderful trip from Albuquerque

My partner plus I have been staying in Albuquerque for the past 18 weeks! My partner was transferred to Albuquerque, so both of us sold our residence plus moved across the country! When both of us first arrived in Albuquerque, both of us were amazed by the size of the city. The two of us came from a city with a population of 17200 plus Albuquerque was many times that size. There are a fairly good amount of things that are odd about Albuquerque. For instance, NM actually has legal cannabis. There are legal cannabis dispensaries on every street corner all around Albuquerque. Occasionally you walk by the cannabis dispensaries plus you can totally smell the weed a long ways away. It’s a single one of the things I dislike most about living in Albuquerque. I don’t use cannabis in the least, so it is just bothersome to me. Last weekend, my partner plus I decided to drive to White Sands, NM for the first time. The two of us took our tent plus camped in the National Park. It was a fairly long drive from White Sands to Albuquerque, however my partner plus I really didn’t mind making the extra long trip. The two of us stayed for two days at the park plus both of us drove back to our residence on Monday morning. Even though it was quite a long drive, both of us had fun listening to seasoned CDs from the time both of us got together. The two of us sang the lyrics loudly with the windows rolled down. When both of us eventually arrived back home, I was wishing both of us would have stayed another day. There were a bunch of things both of us didn’t get to see in a single weekend.

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