I didn't see the child on the bike

I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 20 years old; I lived in the city most of my life and I used public moveation like the train, bus, and the subway.

I didn’t learn how to drive until my parents moved to Albuquerque. I had the pick of staying in the city or moving to Albuquerque with my parents. I didn’t want to stay behind by myself, then all of my other siblings were in university residing their own lives. I was the only one still at home. I didn’t see myself finding a task and a place to live before they moved, so I went with them to Albuquerque. I got my driver’s license shortly after all of us moved. After I got my driver’s license, my Dad and dad bought myself and others a car. I used the automobile to get a task at a marijuana dispensary. I have to deliver marijuana products for the dispensary and it is not very simple. I do not truly guess the section or the roads and I am still a new driver, however most of the other young guys have 5 or more than five years of driving experience and I only have a couple of weeks. I was on my way back to the Albuquerque marijuana dispensary location on Friday. I was waiting at the light to turn into the parking lot. I was watching the light for it to turn red, however when it did, I put my foot on the gas to enter the dispensary parking lot. I plowed right into a child on a bicycle. I never saw the child on the bike. The police had to be called and the accident happened right in front of the Albuquerque marijuana dispensary.

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