We had the best time in White Sands, NM

My wifey plus I have been residing in Albuquerque for a couple of years.

My wifey was transferred to Albuquerque, so both of us sold our lake property plus moved across the country.

When both of us first showed up in Albuquerque, both of us were stunned by the sheer size of the city. We easily came from a city with a population of 17200 plus Albuquerque was approximately 10 times that size… There are many things that are peculiar about Albuquerque. For instance, New Mexico has legal cannabis available for everybody. There are legal cannabis shops all over the place in Albuquerque. At times you walk by the cannabis dispensaries plus you can smell the powerful odor of the weed a block away, but it’s one of the things I dislike most about residing in Albuquerque. I do not use cannabis in the least, so it is just a nuisance to me… This last weekend, my wifey plus I made the move to drive to White Sands, New Mexico for the first time ever. We decided to take our tent plus camped in the National Park. It was a fairly long drive from White Sands to Albuquerque, however my wifey plus I did not really mind making the lengthy trip. We actually stayed 2 whole days at the park plus made our way home on the third morning! Even though it was a fairly long trip, both of us managed to have good times by listening to old CDs from the time both of us got together. We totally got into singing the lyrics out loud with the windows rolled down. When both of us finally arrived back home, I was wishing we chose to stay another day. There were so many things we missed out on.



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