The rain helps to cool down the temperature in Cocoa

Two weeks ago, while I was driving down US1 in Cocoa, I decided to stop at this restaurant along the way; It’s called the Old FL Grill & Oyster House, & I appreciated that it had all the things that make a enjoyable restaurant in FL.

Live songs, patio seating & water views, it doesn’t get any better than that.

I was hoping to lay outside to love my meal, but of course the weather decided to change at the last minute. It rains a lot in FL while in the Summer months, & most of the time, I system my mornings around the rain, the rain normally falls anywhere between 2 & 4 p.m… So, I would make sure that I am indoors while in those minutes! At times, the people I was with and I do get fortunate, & the people I was with and I avoid the rain. Anyway, on the day I stopped in at Old FL Grill, it didn’t look love it was going to rain. So, I thought it was a perfect day to lay by the water. And boy was I wrong. I was seated on the patio for maybe 30 minutes before the skies became gray & dark. The clouds had moved in abruptly, & as a result, I had to transport inside, and while inside, I noticed how cold the cooling system was. I do care about that the restaurant had enjoyable a/c because it Is pressing for business, especially in a state love FL where it gets so sizzling outside. The enjoyable part about Cocoa is that after the rain the temperature drops love 10 to 15 degrees, so there will be no need for using the cooling system as much.

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