Both of us went on a centipede tour in Phoenix, AZ.

While going to see my cousin Deb in Phoenix, AZ, she said the two of us were going on a centipede tour, but deb said she wasn’t sure because she had never gone on one, but she wanted to, both of us looked up centipede tours on the guide map of things I like to do in Phoenix, AZ, the centipede tour is a guided Arizona desert tour by ATV! I had never been on an ATV, and I wasn’t sure Deb had ever been on an ATV, and neither of us was sure it was something the two of us wanted to do, however the two of us were both adventurous.

Both of us ‌read more about the Centipede Tour because it sounded cool, but everyone had their own ATV for the off-road tour across the Sonoran Desert.

There was a rocky trail in the Bradshaw Mountains and the two of us would cross the Agua Fria River. The tour guide talked about the plant life, wildlife and history of the area, however our tour would have started at 3 PM and the temperature was 101 degrees. I looked at the temperature and knew that when our three-hour tour was up, the temperature will have risen, however it was going to drop to 99 degrees. I wondered if those more than one degrees would make a difference, however Deb had already made the reservations. If I thought it was tepid at 101 degrees, I didn’t realize how much hotter it would be while wearing all the special clothing. I wished I had a space outfit on that was air-conditioned on the inside. I felt love a prune till I got off the ATV, then my skin was shrivelled from the sweat, and all I wanted was to go back to her condo and spend the rest of my holiday in the air conditioner.


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