I couldn't believe the amazing temperatures.

I had to go to Illinois on business, and the nearest hotel was in Orland Park, IL. I wasn’t sure what I was going to when in between meetings, but I soon learned that walking was the best option. The weather was gorgeous, and unlike where I lived, I didn’t feel the need for air conditioning. The daytime temperatures barely reached the 80s, and it was nearly the end of June. I was used to having the air conditioning running in April, but it was different here. The temperature climate made it comfortable to walk in between meetings, and even in the middle of the day. One afternoon, I went jogging. I came back to the hotel to get a cool shower before going back to the meeting room, but I didn’t really need the air conditioning. My visit to Orland Park, IL, wasn’t just fruitful for business, but it was one of the nicest towns I had ever visited. I even got to do some sightseeing while there. I was surprised at how beautiful Centennial Park was. I jogged around Centennial Park before settling down for the evening, and I had never slept so well. I got back to the hotel comfortably tired, showered and laid down. I turned the air conditioning on just to give me some noise. Living in the city was so different from being in Orland Park, IL, and I hoped to come back more often. Who knows, if I can talk my wife into moving north when we retire, we may choose to live in Orland Park.


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