Accidents have increased since marijuana was legalized.

It has been a while since marijuana has been legalized in IL, however last week, the newspaper that is published in Chicago, IL, came out with a bold statement, then states that have legalized cannabis have seen an increase in motor automobile accidents related to cannabis use, but not only is it dangerous to drive while high or drunk, however it is illegal! Driving while using pot is considered DUI, which is the same as driving while I was intoxicated.

Not only is it dangerous to the person using the pot, however it is dangerous to others, but just like with alcohol use, marijuana use can cause impairment as well as should not be consumed before or during the operation of a vehicle! The use of alcohol or marijuana should also be avoided when performing a task that has other risks; such as the use of heavy unit or any type of sharp tools! I didn’t know if the section of Chicago, IL had seen any uptick in the amount of DUIs or automobile accidents caused by marijuana, however it is something to look into! My son will soon be twenty-one, as well as if he hasn’t already tried marijuana, I’m sure he will soon.

I know he is looking forward to going to the casino as well as having his first legal alcoholic drink. I can only pray he doesn’t get into the automobile as well as try to drive after using. Maybe I’ll chop out the article that talks about the problems that come with using marijuana as well as driving. I would dislike to hear he was arrested for DUI, or something worse.



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