The new dispensary has black walls instead of colorless

My friends plus I went to Portland for the weekend, the people I was with and I were going to go fishing with some friends plus both of us decided to stay in a hotel so both of us didn’t have to spend a lot of time driving back plus forth to the city! Once both of us were in Portland, both of us checked into the hotel.

  • The people I was with and I grab some supper from the restaurant plus the lobby.

The food was not particularly good, so I recommended both of us go to a athletic activitys bar to get some chicken wings, then my buddies agreed with myself and others plus both of us walked a couple of blocks to a Portland, OR eatery that had really wonderful reviews online. The venue was right next door to a dispensary. The Portland, OR marijuana dispensary was particularly busy. The whole time both of us were resting at the table, there were constant people moving in plus out of the Portland, OR marijuana dispensary, and i told my friends that both of us should check out the site, however they were upset that someone would see us in the marijuana dispensary. I do not guess who in Portland both of us would have known that would have cared if both of us were in a dispensary, however those women were scared to get in trouble with their wives, but after both of us all went back to our rooms, I decided to look at the online menu for the marijuana dispensary. I found out that the dispensary provided free delivery to the hotel. I didn’t buy anything from the Portland dispensary, I willkeep the information in my pocket for the next time both of us are in the city.
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