The marijuana was for my personal use!

I’m pretty sure that my parents would be very upset if they knew I used marijuana.

  • My father seems to have an idea, but my mother is clueless.

I had been using marijuana for the last three years, ever since I turned 21. I knew that in our city, Los Angeles, California, recreational marijuana use was legal. I never told any of my friends about my marijuana use, nor did I share my marijuana with them. With getting migraines so often, I found out that the use of marijuana can actually help them to be less debilitating. After talking to my doctor, he told me that he felt marijuana could be a good way to ease the pain. With recreational marijuana being legalized in Los Angeles, California, I made my way to the first marijuana dispensary that I could find. Once I got into the marijuana dispensary, I quickly asked them what they would suggest for my migraines. I explained how debilitating they were and that I needed something that would help to ease the pain. The pharmacist in the local marijuana dispensary gave me several different products that he felt would help. When I got home, the first thing I tried was the marijuana gummies. I had already read up on the laws pertaining to marijuana use in our city of Los Angeles, California. I knew I was not able to smoke in public, but the rules that pertain just to the city of Los Angeles, California never said anything about the use of marijuana gummies. I could take the marijuana gummies with me by tucking them into my purse or into my pocket, and no one ever knew that I was using marijuana.


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